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[TRAILER]: Candice Modiselle stars in new animation web-series “Coconut Confidential”

Created, Executive Produced and written by Lindiwe Suttle Mueller-Westernhagen and voiced by Candice Modiselle, Amanda Du-Pont, and more, this comedy animation series parodies her very American high school life in the 1990s.

Set to be released end of 2020 on YouTube, the comedy animation web series, Coconut Confidential, is the latest project by Lindiwe Suttle Mueller-Westernhagen. A coming-of-age, animated web series that tells the bittersweet, funny, and hopeful story of an awkward teen struggling to understand the complexity of interracial friendships.

Inspired by Mueller-Westernhagen’s life growing up as a shy teenager in the 1990s, in a white suburb of Georgia, US. The lead character, Lindi (voiced by Candice Modiselle) has always felt like a social outsider: When her best Black friend moves back, she sets out to win back the friendship of her Black girlfriend. But rekindling their friendship won’t be easy as both have moved in different racial social circles.

Narrated by Lindi now an adult (voiced by Kim Engelbrecht), she recounts the good, the bad, the exciting, the irrational, the foolishness, the mischief, and all the misguided decisions she made as a teenager. Coconut Confidential is a bittersweet, funny, and hopeful comedy series, both a nostalgic time capsule and an ode to growing up.

Watch the Coconut Confidential trailer below:

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