Terrence Howard Retires From Acting

American actor Terrence Howard recently shared some news that his fans may not appreciate but we can totally understand where he’s coming from.

The actor best known for his role as “Lucious Lyon” on Empire and “Rhodey” in the first Iron Man movie told Entertainment Tonight that he is bowing out of acting due to feeling like he’s giving everything he can.

“This is the end for me. This is the end for me,” he said at the premiere of comedy-drama series The Best Man: The Final Chapters. “I don’t know if it’s the end for the rest of them. I retired two years ago, for the most part. I was done…” said Howard.

“I asked Sidney Poitier 10 years ago does he want to do any more work, and he said, ‘Why would I spend my last 10 years doing an impersonation of myself?’ And that’s what I’ve gotten to. I’ve gotten to the point where now I’ve given the very best that I have as an actor.

“Now I’m enjoying watching other new talent come around, and I don’t want to do an impersonation of myself.

“Yes, there’s some better actors out there that can do things that I was never able to do. So, I want to applaud them, I want to be excited about what they do.”

What your favourite Terrence Howard role? We definitely loved him on “Empire” and of course “The Best Man”


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