[SPORT]: Will Lionel Messi Return to Barcelona?

All eyes are once again on the world’s best soccer player, Messi.

Following a successful World Cup this past December, the 35 year old Argentine has sparked news of a possible Barcelona return.

Messi’s journey with Barcelona came to an abrupt and emotional end in August 2021, which led to him joining PSG on a two year contract.

Although Messi’s contract with PSG has an option to renew for an extra season, it appears the seven time Ballon D’Or winner may be ready to go back home to his beloved Barcelona.

Last week it was reported that Messi’s father, who is also the players manager failed to come to an agreement with PSG which would see Messi renewing his contract. PSG are however still confident that they will reach an agreement before the season ends.

Meanwhile, a few days ago Messi’s father/manager reportedly met with the President of Barcelona Laporta to discuss his possible return to Nou Camp as well as the tribute the club plans to host in 2024/25 at their new stadium. 

Despite not renewing his contract yet, Messi returned to training at PSG today following his trip to Barcelona.


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