“Love Guaranteed” a Netflix Must Watch!

If you find yourself falling in and out of boredom during this quarantine, Netflix has your back. 

While looking for something new to watch recently, I stumbled across a movie titled “Love Guaranteed” in the trendig section and decided to give it a try. I am a sucker for feel good, romantic-comedy films with some eye candy and this one co-stars Damon Wayans Jr. so… (enough said).

After 1000 failed dates Nick (Damon Wayans Jr.) hires a lawyer on a mission to sue a dating site for misleading him into believing that he will find love on their website. Sparks fly between the two and before he knows it, he falls in love with his lawyer Susan (Rachel Leigh Cook).

Why you should watch it?

It’s cheesy, witty, funny and romantic… I reckon we could all do with a bit of love and laughter in our lives right now, even if it’s on screen.

Check out the trailer below:




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