Will Cristiano Ronaldo Leave Man United?

This is the question on the millions of Man United and Cristiano Ronaldo fans across the world.

Following his “explosive” exclusive interview with Piers Morgan, it seems as though Cristiano Ronaldo may leave Manchester United during the January transfer window.

During the interview, Cristiano did not hold back as he criticised the club’s infrastructure for being outdated, stating that they still had the same swimming pool, jacuzzi, training tech and even the same chef and cooking staff as they did during his former years at United.

He further went on to state on record that he does not respect the current coach Erik Ten Hag because he feels that Ten Hag does not respect him.

Although a lot was said during the exclusive, the one thing that stood out for many viewers was the fact that Cristiano said he feels betrayed and that the club is trying to force him out!

Now the question lingers, will he leave his beloved Man United in January?


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