[SPORT]: Sergio Ramos Forced To Retire From International Football

Spanish defender Sergio Ramos (36) has been forced to retire from international football.

The former Spain captain took to social media to announce his departure from Spain’s national squad.

In the lengthy post, Ramos explains that it was not his decision nor wish to retire from the national team right now and that when he was to retire he would have loved to do so on his own terms.

There appears to be a rift between Ramos and the current head coach and/coaching squad. This was evident when he was excluded from the 2022 World Cup squad, despite being one of the most active players ahead of the World Cup.

Nonetheless, Ramos clearly had hopes of returning to the squad at the next selection to continue representing his country.

Ramos went further to explain that he received a call from the coach letting him know that he will not be selected for Spain even if he were to perform well at PSG.

It’s sad to see such a great player, almost discarded by a team he represented so well at a 180 appearances.

Lastly, Ramos made it clear and he admires and envy’s fellow footballers Modric, Messi and Pepe who continue to represent their national teams in the mid/late 30s.

Ramos retires from international soccer as a 2010 World Cup winner and a two-time European champion (2008 and 2012).

Farewell Ramos, your contribution to international football will never be forgotten.


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