Replace Lost Or Damaged Certificates Online With Umalusi

Umalusi has launched their newly implemented online application system for the replacement of lost or damaged certificates.

The Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training, Umalusi, recently held a webinar under the theme, ‘Innovatively replacing your lost or damaged certificate issued by Umalusi’.

It announced that candidates can now access the system from anywhere via a cellphone or personal computer to apply directly to Umalusi to replace their lost or damaged certificates.

The new system has significantly reduced the turnaround time and costs involved in replacing a lost or damaged certificate.

At the cost of R137, a candidate can collect a replacement certificate from Umalusi within two working days of the application.

Alternatively, a candidate can pay R202, which includes R137 for the certificate and R65 courier fees, to have the certificate sent within seven working days to their chosen physical address, anywhere in South Africa.

One of the webinar attendees said they used the online application system for their lost certificate and received it within the stipulated time.

The university sector has commended this move, saying the online verification of results will be very helpful to institutions of higher learning during registration periods.

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