[NEWS]: Joe Biden Picks Senator Kamala Harris To Be First Black Female VP

Senator Kamala Harris has made history as the first Asian-American black woman to make it onto a major party US presidential ticket, this after Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden picked her as his running mate to go up against Republican Donald Trump.

With increasing racial injustice causing social unrest in America for months now, many believe that Biden’s pick could help unite Americans and instill hope in the Black American communities. Harris (55) is a well experienced politician who became the second black woman to be elected as US senator in 2016.

Biden announced his selection on Twitter:


And Harris replied to his announcement, sharing that she is honoured to run with him.


And (America’s forever President) former US President Barack Obama has shown his support too.

Now all roads lead to November 3rd and we can only hope and pray that American’s do the right thing and vote for change in their country, more especially for equality, justice and the inclusion of African Americans.

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