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Maya Angelou Barbie Doll SOLD OUT!

The Maya Angelou Barbie doll has already sold out! This after just 5 days of its release. The doll was on sale for about R440 ($29.99). Maya Angelou (died 2014) was an award-winning poet, author and civil rights activist.

Angelou’s son, Guy Johnson, told Today he was delighted his mother had been chosen to become a Barbie, adding that he hoped the doll would “inspire new generations of teachers, writers and activists”.

“My mother was a pioneer and an activist with an invincible spirit for justice,” he said. “Through her words and actions, she developed a unique ability to create deep connections with people around the world. She used to say, ‘I write from the black perspective, but I aim for the human heart.’”


For the Inspiring Women series, there’s hardly a more qualified figure. Angelou is the 10th doll in the set, which launched in 2018, and the fourth Black woman to be honored. The others include Susan B. Anthony, Amelia Earhart, Ella Fitzgerald, Katherine Johnson, Frida Kahlo, Billie Jean King, Florence Nightingale, Rosa Parks and Sally Ride.“As a powerful writer and activist, [Angelou’s] extraordinary life and unforgettable legacy is exactly what we hope this collection inspires in the next generation,” said Mattel svp and global head of Barbie and dolls Lisa McKnight. “By introducing children to Maya Angelou’s courageous story and written works through doll play, our goal is to spark conversation and awareness with children and their families.”

Last year, the Mattel-owned brand announced plans to improve representation, pledging that at least 50% of its future “role models” would be Black, Indigenous or women of color.

“Diversity and inclusion must be the foundation of all that we do,” said a Mattel spokesperson. “We will continue to stand united in the fight against racism and help remove barriers that prevent the next generation from reaching their full potential.”

The brand has long fielded criticism for its unrealistic portrayal of women’s bodies but has made some progress in recent years, expanding to more than 35 skin tones, 94 hairstyles and nine body types. The all-women 2020 campaign team, for example, featured a Black presidential candidate, Asian campaign manager, curvy fundraiser and petite brunette voter.

Source: The Guardian/AW

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