Kamala Harris makes History as First Female Vice President

Kamala Harris has made history as not only the first female Vice President elect but also as the first black & Asian female VP. This historic moment came after Joe Biden and his VP Kamala Harris were projected winners of the 2020 USA Elections that took place last week.

During her speech at a recent gathering following news of their victory, Kamala said:

“Though I may be the first female in the White House, I wont be the last.”, her words and new status further cementing the possibilities that are available for women across the world who dare to challenge the norm and dream big.

Although, President Donald Trump is finding it hard to believe that come January 2021 he will no longer be occupying the White House, going as far as taking legal action for alleged “election fraud”, it should be noted that no election fraud has been confirmed.

The people have spoken and Joe Biden has been voted as the 46th US President and will start his term in January 2021.

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