Eskom Implements Load Shedding Stage 6

If you’re wondering why you’ve been in the dark a lot longer today than you were yesterday, that’s because the country is now load-shedding at Stage 6, something that hasn’t happened since the 9th of December in 2019.

Load shedding has been escalated to stage 6 from Tuesday at 4pm – 10pm and again on Wednesday evening at the same time.

Stage 4 load shedding will then be implemented from 10pm to midnight. Load shedding will then be reduced to Stage 2 until 5am on Wednesday. From 5am until 4pm on Wednesday, load shedding will be implemented at Stage 4.

Load shedding Stage 6 will then again be implemented at 4pm to 10pm on Wednesday evening.

This is due to the unlawful and unprotected labour action, which has caused widespread disruption to Eskom’s power plants, the power utility said in a statement.

“This has compelled Eskom to continue taking precautionary measures to conserve generation capacity and safeguard plants from damage. There is a high risk that the stage of load shedding may have to change at any time, depending on the state of the plant.”

Eskom added that three of the 10 generation units that had tripped during Monday night have been returned to service.

“This, however, is still insufficient to stave off the implementation of Stage 6 load shedding for [Tuesday] evening and [Wednesday] evening. We currently have 3 218MW on planned maintenance, while another 17 621MW of capacity is unavailable due to breakdowns.”

With the country experiencing one of the coldest winters in a while, Eskom

Is making our season even colder with the ongoing blackouts.


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