Tyler Perry Offered Prince Harry & Meghan Markle a home and security

By now you’ve either watched the “tell-all” interview Prince Harry & Meghan did with Oprah or you’ve somewhat gathered the summary off social media and boy was it an interview! Talk about the interview of the year!

Harry and Meghan sat down with Oprah to finally discuss their time in Britain as a married couple living with the royal family, their reasons for leaving and stepping down from their royal duties and some personal decisions they both made in order to protect their own family.

Among many shocking things, I think the world was utterly shocked to learn that Harry and Meghan’s son Archie was not given the title of “prince” because his mother is half black. Meghan revealed to Oprah that during her pregnancy, there were conversations and CONCERNS about how dark Archie might be when his born! JAW DROP!!!

Furthermore, Harry went on to reveal that his family cut him off financially at a time when they were trying to get on their feet as a newly wed couple with a newborn. This was around the time Tyler Perry came to their rescue. After learning that Harry and Meghan were left out in the cold by the royal family with no money and security, Tyler Perry arranged for them to live in one of his homes and not only that but he also arrange security for them.

Now, talk about a BLACK man coming to the rescue of members of the royal family when the royal family wanted nothing to do with them… and if you think this was a lot! We also learned that Harry’s father Prince Charles stopped taking Harry’s calls when Harry initiated conversations about his wish to step down from royal duties!

I think the saddest part of the entire interview came when Meghan revealed that at one point while she was pregnant she wanted to die! She had suicidal thoughts and when she reached out to the palace for help regarding her mental issue and everything that was happening during that time, no one listened nor cared enough to try and get her the help she needed.

Meghan says her one regret was believing them when they said that she would be protected. And yet it was the opposite that happened.

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