Sithelo Shozi Details Abuse At The Hands of Andile Mpisane

Popular DJ Sithelo has finally reached her breaking point, this after she took to her Instagram account to break her silence on the alleged physical abuse she’s suffered at the hands of former lover and baby daddy Andile Mpisane.

The name Andile Mpisane might ring a bell to you and that’s because he is the son of wealthy businesswoman Shawn “MaMkhize” Mkhize.

Sithelo and Andile’s relationship ended abruptly this past December when he married Tamia Mpisane in what seemed like a rushed wedding, maybe because Tamia was already pregnant at the time.

Furthermore, Sithelo and Andile had just recently welcomed their second child together who was just 3 months old when Andile left Sithelo for an already pregnant Tamia.

Since Andile and Tamia’s “union”, Sithelo had stayed mum through all sorts of mockery via social media but little did we know that she was a domestic abuse survivor.

Sithelo further shared that she was not only physically abused once but on a weekly, sometimes monthly basis and received luxury gifts and flowers as a way to buy her silence. Sadly, she also suffered a miscarriage as a result of the beatings she allegedly took from Andile.

She shared shocking text messages and voice calls from Andile in which he threatened her life and verbally abused her.

*At the time of publishing this article, Andile nor the Mpisane family had shared a response.


Images: Instagram/Sithelo/Andile Mpisane

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