P-Square Talk Breakup and Reunion Ahead of New Studio Album

On the latest African Voices Changemakers, CNN’s Larry Madowo spoke to Paul and Peter Okoye of the Nigerian music duo P-Square as they prepare to release their first album in nearly a decade.

The duo separated in 2017, but have reunited to tour, release new singles, and ultimately record a new album. Madowo asks about their decision to reunite, “We didn’t decide. God made it happen. It came normal. Well, there’s something called the wind of change. We always will look for that wind of change,” Peter says.

Paul adds, “Sometimes when things happen, sometimes always take the positive part of it and throw away the negative.”

When asked about their breakup, the twin brothers clarify, “When we say what happened, people are going to take the story back. And start saying… they’ll forget the positive things we’ve said so far. We don’t like telling anybody what happened. What happened is this, if you know anything that happens in a group, it is the same thing.”

Paul says that they were always meant to be a group from childhood, “The group thing, that became individual strength that came together. I would say if we had gone individual it wouldn’t have been this, and we wouldn’t have become one of the greatest groups ever from Africa. I don’t think we would’ve succeeded solo.”

After six albums and many afrobeat hits, the brothers are set to release a new album ‘Legendary’ but they caution, “We don’t know when. But I think the thing is, we’re just working, and we’ll keep working.”

Peter expands on why they’re waiting to release, “You must give all your best. So, we know the whole breakup and all, God gave us one more chance. We have to come up with something. You can’t come with the usual. We can’t come with the usual. We have never disappointed when it comes to album. So, we need to give it the same energy.”

The twins were pioneers of the Afrobeat sound which has now become popular around the world. Paul tries to describe what makes the genre unique, “There’s something that afrobeat has, trust me, if whatever it’s called Lamba. You can’t steal Lamba. The way we now bounce on the beat. Ah, it’s different. You can’t have it. Just leave afrobeats, because that one, that’s why afrobeats is going to last for a long time.”

Away from music, P-Square were vocal in the run-up to the 2023 elections in Nigeria. The duo say they were not scared of alienating fans with Peter explaining, “This is not about partisan, or religions, or tribes. It will hit my chest that we have written our name in the history of one of those who wants the betterment of this country. It’s our country. We don’t have any other country to run to.”

Looking to the future, the brothers say the most important thing is their families. Peter tells Madowo, “I want to look back and be like some of the opportunities that we never had, I was able to give it to my kids.” While Paul sums up, “When they say leaders of tomorrow, I want my kids to come back and create more impact in Nigeria.”

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