KFC Temporarily Drops Famous “Finger Lickin Good” Slogan

Earlier this week, fast food franchise KFC announced that it was dropping it’s iconic slogan “Finger Lickin Good” from its advertising, in light of the current global coronavirus pandemic.

Now I’m not sure how many people actually lick their fingers when they eat KFC but you’re better safe than sorry right?! KFC has gone as far as calling their slogan “the most inappropriate slogan for 2020”.

“We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment,” said Catherine Tan-Gillespie, global chief marketing officer at KFC, in a statement. “While we are pausing the use of It’s Finger Lickin’ Good, rest assured the food craved by so many people around the world isn’t changing one bit.”

KFC has stated that the suspension of this slogan is temporary and will be back in future. If you are still buying fast foods, KFC to be exact, just remember to wash or sanitise your hands before you enjoy your meal. No finger lickin!

Your thoughts?

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