Experience the Alchemy of Athleisure & Lounge Wear at Hyde Park Corner

Experience the Alchemy of Athleisure & Lounge Wear at Hyde Park Corner

The days of wearing drab old tracksuit pants and over-sized shirts to work out are over! What replaces them? A visit to Taz Falconer’s active athleisure and lounge wear store, Alchemy at Hyde Park Corner will answer that question faster than you can say ‘gym’!

As a fitness professional with a degree in interior design and some retail experience, Taz thought long and hard about how she could combine her skills to create a business… Alchemy was the result. It seemed like a natural evolution to what had, until that point, been her wellness-focused career.

When refining the Alchemy concept, she wanted to create a feminine space where women feel really comfortable and inspired: “I wanted to offer high quality athleisure clothing to make women feel comfortable and confident whether they were working out or just running errands. The result is a curated active and athleisure boutique for women which I opened on 1 May 2019 – we’re turning two this year!”

Despite being a relatively new business, Taz managed to build a loyal clientèle over what was a short period of time before lockdown hit. This entrepreneurial store owner is understandably extremely proud of keeping Alchemy alive and well through 2020, attributing consistency in a challenging time and a dedicated team as key elements in the store’s success.

One step ahead…

What is your vision for your store and how do you plan to implement your strategy?

We are working on refining Alchemy into a world-class boutique experience. Our goal is to create a space that could effortlessly fit in to any major city in the world and deliver a memorable customer experience.

Looking ahead, the most exciting thing about your store is going to be…

Well, we can’t give away all of our secrets, but we plan to continue improving and evolving the space!

About Taz Falconer…

My work philosophy is based on…

I believe in finding something you feel you do well, working hard to get better at it and impacting people’s lives through that craft.

Can’t live without item?

My activewear of course, specifically a great pair of black leggings that you can dress up or down.

My happy place is…. 

At home with my fiancé and my cats.


Visit Alchemy Hyde Park Corner at shop number MM65 on Level 4. For more information on enjoying a lifestyle that’s made for you at Hyde Park Corner, visit our website.


For more information about Alchemy, contact Taz Falconer on +27 (67) 883 0063 or hello@alchemystore.co.za

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